Of course, you can just throw a bottle of sunscreen and a towel in your bag when you head to the beach for some sun and swimming. However, there are many advantages to bringing some clever and entertaining gadgets to the beach.

Wondering what is meant by entertaining and smart gadgets? Keep reading to get the full picture! Here are 10 smart and entertaining gadgets for the beach.

Folding beach table

You’ve probably heard of folding beach chairs. There are brass chairs, Baden-Baden and much more. But, have you heard of folding beach tables? They do exist and they are really smart and useful.

The most popular folding beach tables fold up from a “flat” position. As you drag upwards, the different parts will click into place. At the top you have a practical surface for plates and glasses. Below is usually a basket where you can put drinks and some other pockets and storage options.

Waterproof speaker with bluetooth

Waterproof speaker with bluetooth

Why should you have to leave your music at home just because you’re going to the beach? You shouldn’t! With a Bluetooth speaker, you can play all your favourite music from your phone to set the mood. Just make sure you don’t disturb your surroundings. I’m sure your taste in music is fantastic, but not everyone thinks so.

To make sure you can take your music to the beach many times, it’s a good idea to choose a waterproof model. It should also be resistant to sand and be able to withstand a little harder use.

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Pong/bucket ball

Something you just have to bring to the beach is a beach game of some kind. There are a number of variations to choose from, but one that stands out is pong/bucket ball. This game is so simple and so easy to take with you.

You may be familiar with beer pong? The idea of the game is to dot cups with ping pong balls. The same concept applies to bucket ball, or “beach pong” if you will. Throw the ball and try to hit the cups! Of course, you can count points any way you want.

Underwater camera

Underwater camera

You certainly won’t miss bringing a camera (or your smartphone) to immortalise memories on land. It’s not as certain that you have a camera to take photos underwater. It’s very cool to be able to explore the world below the surface and take great pictures of what you see!

A modern underwater camera has a very high resolution and can record video. Normally it can also record sound. Of course, an underwater camera is durable so that it can withstand shocks and wear and tear.

Handheld fan/Portable fan

Handheld fan

You can’t take your AC from your home down to the beach, but you can get a cooling breeze from another source. In the category of smart and entertaining gadgets for the beach, we just have to mention the handheld fan. You have a few to choose from, but in general all models work in the same way.

With a fan, you can cope with the heat on the beach a little better. You get more comfort and you can help overheated children cool down. Just remember that the absolute best way to beat the heat is to be in the shade!

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Inflatable toys

Innovation in buoyancy toys has really taken off. It wasn’t long ago that there was hardly anything to choose from, but today we can buy inflatable flamingos, unicorns, sharks, swans, castles, cars, planes and spaceships (among other things!).

Inflatable toys are both smart and fun. You can sunbathe, hang out, explore the shoreline or just bump around on the beach. A good thing to remember is that it takes a lot of air to fill a large floatation toy. It’s not something you do with the power of your lungs alone. You need a pump!

Beach badminton/beach tennis

Beach tennis

Apart from swimming, sunbathing, surfing and perhaps diving, what activity is most associated with the beach and beach life? Beach badminton/beach tennis of course. It’s almost a must to play a few rounds when visiting the beach.

The game is ingenious in its simplicity. You and a partner each have a wooden racket. You then have to keep a ball in the air by hitting it at each other. The one who finally misses loses. To make the challenge a little easier, the ball is always a little softer to limit the speed.



You’re sure to bring several electronic gadgets to the beach. If you go to the beach with family or friends, the number multiplies many times. For a long day at the beach, you’ll need power and lots of it!

A powerbank is perhaps the smartest thing you can take to the beach (with the sun factor at a solid silver). If your phone runs out of battery, you have extra power to draw on. If the sound of your portable Bluetooth speaker goes dead in the middle of your favourite song, just plug in your power bank. A powerbank is simply indispensable.

Folding buckets

Beach toys take up a lot of space. They are large and have shapes that make them difficult to pack efficiently. What if someone could invent beach toys that fold up to take up less space? Someone has done it!

Folding buckets are clever and a great source of play and entertainment. From the beginning they are flat. By pressing the centre, they gradually unfold to full size. To fold them up, just turn the whole thing around. With collapsible buckets in the pack, you can pack more beach toys – very clever.

A kite


Let’s face it, not all beaches allow kite flying. If it’s open season, however, hang gliding is something you should definitely consider. You won’t get more entertainment than flying a kite at a beach or swimming spot.

You can buy kites to fly both online and in regular physical stores. The simplest variants really don’t cost much, while more advanced ones obviously have bigger price tags. Why not give it a try? Flying a kite can be fun and entertaining for young and old alike.