One of the most enjoyable vacations  is going to the beach. Each year, millions of people travel near and far to spend time relaxing on the beach or enjoying the water sports. The longest beaches in the world are some of the most travelled to and most unique beaches that you can visit. They are the perfect beaches to escape to and give you destinations to pick from that are around the globe. While the majority of the beaches on this list are located near the ocean or a sea, there are a few that are found near rivers and feature fresh water instead of salt water.

Whether you are looking for a beach to get married, to have a relaxing time, to find a place to enjoy some cocktails while enjoying the sun, to swim in the waters with your children, to participate in water sports, or to catch the waves for some surfing, one of the beaches on this list is going to offer you everything that you are looking for. There are beaches that are less populated and better for relaxing, those that are packed and full of energy and adventure, and those where the surfers all congregate to be able to enjoy riding the waves together.

Praia do Cassino Beach Brazil Flag

WHERE: Praia do Cassino, Brazil

LENGTH: 150 miles/241 km

Praia do Cassino Beach

Cassino Beach is  located along the southern border of Brazil. This beach has a length that varies between 132 miles and 158 miles, depending on the source that you are reading. This is the longest beach in the world and offers literally miles of oceanfront views where you can sit back and enjoy the sun or catch some waves. It is one of the best beaches to visit with your family, or alone, if you just need to get away to a sunnier place.

Ninety Mile Beach Australia Flag

WHERE: Southeast Coast of Victoria, Australia

LENGTH: 94 miles/94 km

Ninety Mile Beach Victoria

The Ninety Mile Beach in Australia is a beach that really lives up to its name and is actually 94 miles long. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit, with the coastal sunset being something that is hard to imagine as it is so beautiful. It offers some breathtaking views and ocean and plant life that is not found in other regions around the world, so there is always something that you can do before and after.

Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh Flag

WHERE: Bangladesh

LENGTH: 75 miles/120 km

Cox’s Bazar

One of the things that is unique about Cox’s Bazar is that it is a sloped beach that seems to naturally descend into the ocean. This makes it a great place to go to relax and really enjoy the ocean. You can position yourself above the tide if the water is too cool, while still enjoying a day at the beach. This beach offers a beautiful sandy landscape that is perfect for families who want to enjoy all of the fun that a beach has to offer.

Padre Island National Seashore United States Flag

WHERE: Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

LENGTH: 70 miles/112 km

Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore is one of the longest beaches in the United States and is actually located in Texas. Most people think of the more coastal states like Florida and California when they  think about beaches and most do not think about Texas. That being said, this 70-mile-long  beach is one that offers you a great chance to enjoy the Texas coastline and to enjoy the beauty that beaches have to offer. This beach is a great place to visit.

Grand Strand United States Flag

WHERE: Little River, South Carolina to Georgetown, South Carolina, United States

LENGTH: 60 miles/96 km

Grand Strand

The Grand Strand area is a long stretch of beaches that run along the coast of South Carolina for 60 miles. This is a great place to visit and is a top tourist destination in the United States. It is one of those beaches  you visit to enjoy your time at the ocean. It is a high quality landscape where you can find a number of interesting things to do and, depending on which part of the beach you choose to visit, you can find a destination that is perfect for families or the right escape for adults.

Novillero Beach Mexico Flag

WHERE: Nayarit, Mexico

LENGTH: 56 miles/80 km

Novillero Beach

Novillero Beach is a beautiful landscape where you might even be able to catch wild horses running free in the ocean’s waves. The beach is the largest beach in Mexico. It actually is one third of a mile wide as well, which means that you are not going to have to fight for comfortable beach space, even on busier days. One nice thing about Nayarit Beach is that it is the perfect year-round beach as the ocean’s waters are warm here all year round.

Ibeno Beach Nigeria Flag

WHERE: Central Atlantic Coast of Nigeria

LENGTH: 56 miles/90 km

Ibeno Beach

Ibeno Beach is the largest beach in West Africa. This beach offers the beautiful fine white sands that African beaches are known for. It is a great beach for jet-skiing and other water sports. Plus, there are many coral reefs where you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming around in the ocean. There are so many great options for amazing outdoor adventures to partake in. You can enjoy paddle boarding, wakeboarding, kayaking and canoeing.

Ninety Mile Beach New Zealand Flag

WHERE: North Island of New Zealand

LENGTH: 55 miles/88.5 km

Ninety Mile Beach

The Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand has a very misleading name since this beach is only 55 miles in length. The beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand. One of the most popular activities at the beach is bodyboarding. Another is walking through the amazing sand dunes that naturally occur there. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand.

Virginia Beach United States Flag

WHERE: Coast of Virginia, United States

LENGTH: 35 miles/55 km

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a very historic beach with a lot of interesting history to learn about and explore. One of the best things about this beach is the beautiful ocean temperatures that you find during the summer months. There is also a lot to enjoy in the area. This beach actually holds the Guinness Book of World Records’ title of’“longest pleasure beach’ as it is known as a vacation spot and place to go to if you’d like to relax.

Long Beach United States Flag

WHERE: Long Beach Peninsula, Washington, United States of America

LENGTH: 28 miles/45 km

Long Beach Washington

Long Beach is one of the United States’ hidden secrets. This beach is one of the longest beaches in the U.S. and is known for its beautiful landscape and unique sights. The area is cooler most of the year, so if you are going to be active at this beach you will likely need a wetsuit to keep yourself warm. This beach is also a hidden gem as there are not many tourists there, but instead it is mostly local families who live in the cities and seek to get away from the hustle to escape for a weekend.

Muizenberg Beach South Africa Flag

WHERE: Muizenberg, South Africa

LENGTH: 25 miles/40 km

Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg, South Africa is a suburb of Cape Town. One of the unique things about Muizenberg Beach is that it is believed to be the origination of surfing in South Africa. Today, the beach is a popular destination for surfers from around the globe and has a large surfer population who want to be able to enjoy the waves all year round. The surfing community here is expected to continue to grow as more people keep finding out about the awesome waves and the surfing that they can experience every day of the year. .

Stockton Beach Australia Flag

WHERE: north of the Hunter River, New South Wales, Australia

LENGTH: 20 miles/32 km

Stockton Beach

Stockton Beach is a beach that is shrouded in mystery and sorrow. Many different planes have crashed, and ships have wrecked, just off  its shoreline. While it is not the most popular beach for swimming, some swimming does take place there. The biggest group of visitors are those who are four-wheel drive fans. They enjoy riding through the sandy dunes and into the ocean wake. There are so many fun activities that you can be involved in that this is one of the best beaches to visit.

Costa da Caparica Portugal Flag

WHERE: Peninsula of Setubal, western Portugal

LENGTH: 19 miles/30.5 km

Costa da Caparica

At one time in the not so distant history of Portugal, Costa da Caparica was a prominent fishing centre. However, today, the area is just used for recreational purposes. The beach is one of the top locations in Portugal for tourism and vacations. Local residents enjoy all of the recreational benefits as well as the extra stimulus that their economy gets when tourists are visiting. Costa da Caparica is one of the most popular beaches in all of the world and a great choice for individuals and families alike.

Seventeen Mile Beach Antigua and Barbuda Flag

WHERE: The Island of Barbuda in the Caribbean

LENGTH: 17 miles/27 km

Seventeen Mile Beach

Seventeen Mile Beach is actually the longest beach in the Caribbean. It is located on Barbuda. Barbuda is most commonly referred to as a twin island with Antigua. One of the unique things about this beach is that there are almost no facilities or buildings along the beach. This is nice for those who are looking to escape reality and find some peace and tranquility. The beach is most commonly populated by those visiting the islands for a vacation and to enjoy the white sands that cover the shoreline for 17 miles.

Grace Bay Beach Turks and Caicos Islands Flag

WHERE: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

LENGTH: 12 miles/19 km

Grace Bay Beach

Turks and Caicos Islands are known for their beautiful beaches and are one of the top tourist destinations in the entire world. The best thing about Grace Bay Beach is the sand. It is not your typical sand. Instead, it feels powdery and it is a beautiful white colour, which you simply do not see in other beaches around the globe. This unique sand makes visiting the beach more pleasant, and you never have to worry about the discomfort that you feel when walking on beaches with a coarser sand. The area has not been a popular tourist destination, and you can tell, as much of it is still in its natural form and has not been changed. Plus, the ocean here offers some of the most beautiful colours that you will ever see.

Patara Beach Turkey Flag

WHERE: Coast of the Turkish Riviera, Turkey

LENGTH: 11 miles/17 km

Patara Beach

Patara Beach is one of the longest beaches in Turkey. It is also one of the widest. One of the things that is nice about this beach is that the ocean waters are shallow. This makes it perfect for families and great for those who are trying to enjoy their beach vacation. Overall, this is one of the best places to visit in the entire world. In addition, it is a common place for sea turtles to bury their eggs, so during the right time, you can watch many turtles moving off  the coast and into the ocean. This is one thing that you should take the time to experience at least once in your lifetime.

Long Beach Canada Flag

WHERE: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

LENGTH: 10 miles/16 km

Long Beach Vancouver Island

Long Beach is actually the longest beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, which is located near the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. One of the unique things about this beach is that it is an exposed area where you can experience the ocean in a way that is not always possible. It is a surfer’s dream with a nice wake and powerful waves that make surfing fun. This is one of the longest beaches in Canada and a great place to visit if you are looking for a fun beach to take your family to.

Corralejo Beach Spain Flag

WHERE: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

LENGTH: 10 miles/16 km

Corralejo Beach

Corralejo is known as one of the North Atlantic’s best beaches. It is among the longest beaches in this region.  Located in the Canary Islands, Corralejo Beach is one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in all of the world and the perfect tourist destination for those who are travelling in or around Spain. It is a popular destination for snorkelers, and swimmers also love visiting this beach. Plus, it is a gorgeous beach with pristine turquoise waters.

Clifton Beach Pakistan Flag

WHERE: Karachi, Pakistan

LENGTH: 10 miles/16 km

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is a gorgeous beach that is a popular place for families to visit on weekends. The beach is located in Karachi, Pakistan and it is a large sandy beach that is among the best and most visited beaches in the world. You can also enjoy some unique activities at Clifton Beach.  One of these is that there is the opportunity to ride on camels. This is something that you are not going to  easily find on other beaches. In addition to the camel rides, there are amusement parks and a ton of enjoyable watersports that you can enjoy.

Wasaga Beach Canada Flag

WHERE: Nottawasaga River, Ontario, Canada

LENGTH: 9 miles/14.5 km

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is the world’s largest freshwater beach. The beach is located in Ontario along the banks of the Nottawasaga River. Each summer, over two million people visit the beach and walk on the shores or enjoy the warm waters. There are many different types of views that you can see at this time; one of these is the beautiful landscape of the Niagara Escarpment. This is a great place to go and enjoy if you are looking for a great beach for summer. While Canada is probably not the first thing that you think about when you are looking at beach vacations, it can be a viable choice.

Long Beach Philippines Flag

WHERE: Palawan, the Philippines

LENGTH: 9 miles/14.5 km

Long Beach Palawan

Long Beach is known for its beautiful white sand. This is in fact the longest white sand beach in the Philippines and one of the largest white sand beaches in all of the world. This beach is lined by beautiful coconut palm trees. It is one of the most untamed shorelines, and  it is one of the longest white sand beaches worldwide. Tourists  love travelling to Long Beach and it is one of the most popular beaches in the Philippines for families who are taking a vacation close to home.

Marina Beach India Flag

WHERE: Chennai, India

LENGTH: 8 miles/13 km

Marina Beach Chennai

Marina Beach is one of India’s premier beach destinations. It is the longest urban natural beach in all of India. This is not the beach to visit if you want to go swimming or actually spend time in the water. In fact, it is illegal to swim or bathe in the waters here because there is an undercurrent that is very dangerous in the waters surrounding the beach. While one might think that this would deter people from travelling to Marina Beach, in fact, it does not seem to deter them at all: 50,000 people visit the beach each day during holidays and the weekends.