Looking for smart travel gadgets for kids? Wondering what’s available and what gadgets can make your trip easier or more fun (or both!)? What you as a parent buy and bring for your children can have a big impact on whether the trip is a success or not.

We’ve scoured the web for smart, fun and useful travel gadgets for the youngest kids, the older ones and teenagers. Here’s our list of 10 travel gadgets for kids that make a difference!

Colorful and fun suitcase

Pippi suitcase and backpack for children

Everything is more fun with a little color! Older kids will probably want a suitcase with a more grown-up design, but younger kids love suitcases with lots of colour. They can also have shapes and details to resemble animals!

A suitcase that kids love will probably be easier to pack. Besides, the kids will probably keep a very close eye on it so it doesn’t get lost! The risk that you, as a parent, will sooner or later have to carry your children’s bags is also reduced.

Surfpad or game console

Children with tablet

If you’d rather keep your kids away from too much screen time, you can jump to the next gadget right away! Whether your trip is short or long, a tablet or games console is a very smart gadget. The kids get a moment of entertainment (and you as a parent get a moment of rest!).

There aren’t many pure gaming consoles that you can hold in your hand. The top choice is Nintendo Switch. For tablets, there are of course a number of manufacturers and models. Don’t forget chargers and comfortable headphones! You can buy tablets and game consoles in the Curry online store. To get a slightly lower price, you can use a Currys voucher code via us.

Rear seat or backrest organiser

Rear seat organiser

When you travel with children, you will automatically have to carry a lot of stuff and move it between different transports. Then you should be able to quickly get what the kids want. An impossibility? Not if you use a rear seat and backrest organiser.

This clever and incredibly useful gadget consists of a bag that you attach to a backrest and then fold out. You’ll find a number of compartments where you can put books, pens, chargers, snacks – you name it!


Girl with headphones

Imagine sitting next to two children on a plane. One child is playing a game at high volume and the other is listening to music. The flight is many hours long and the children’s parents seem to be immune to noise. Not funny! Don’t be such a parent. Make sure your kids have headphones!

Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones, in-ear headphones – there’s a lot to choose from. If your children are small, it’s a good idea to buy headphones with a lower maximum volume. It also doesn’t hurt if they have some fun colors!

Simple and fast children’s games

Nothing can help kill time on the road like a fun board game. A parlour game can also be a highlight of the evening at your destination. Taking a board game with you on your trip is therefore a really good decision.

So what is the range of games suitable for children? There are plenty of fun, exciting and fast-paced games to try your luck on your journey. Some classics that can be played both on the plane/train, in the car and at the destination are UNO, Guess Who, Monopoly Deal and Catan. Then there are also a lot of fun ideas for a player to choose from. Waterstones is an online store with a wide range of board games. Before you visit Waterstones, check out our Waterstones vouchers page to see if there’s a discount you can use.

Travelling sulky/umbrella stroller

This gadget isn’t a very fun travel gadget on paper. However, a travel stroller, or umbrella stroller as it may also be called, is one of the smartest travel gadgets around. It can literally save your back and your mood on the road!

I’m sure you can figure out exactly how smart a travel stroller is. It takes up minimal space and weighs very little. Still, it can carry tired children and a number of bags and other gadgets. A fantastic invention and one of the best travel gadgets for kids!

Carrying harness for the smallest

Woman with child in baby carrier

If you’re travelling with small children who can’t walk on their own or can only walk a short distance, you’ll be carrying a lot. The back pain can then come like a letter in the mail and you can only use one arm (if even that). Everything will be so much easier if you have a smart baby carrier.

The baby carrier is a dream for every parent travelling with small children. Fasten your harness, put your baby in and off you go on your adventure! Of course, you have plenty of manufacturers and models to choose from. Choose one that weighs little and is easy to carry. A wide range of baby carriers can be found at JoJo Maman Bébé. We have several JoJo Maman Bébé coupons that you can use to get a discounted price.

Waterproof children’s camera

Of course, children should be given every opportunity to document their travel experiences. If they have their own mobile phones, they will probably go warm at the destination, but they can’t be used underwater and they may not be going on all the adventures.

Fortunately, there are a variety of durable cameras that are specially designed to withstand adventures and the less careful hands of children. Models that are waterproof can also be used to take photos during all kinds of wet activities.

Coloring books and stickers

Children colouring

Crafting is a given activity on the trip and there is so much to choose from. In the past, there were coloring books and markers that dried quickly. Today there are colouring books that can be used again and again, sticker books with hundreds of stickers and much more.

If you know that your children like to do arts and crafts, colouring books and stickers are great travel essentials. If you want to keep the mess to a minimum, colouring books that you draw in with a pencil filled with water are a great idea.

Smart Tags

Many things that are considered smart travel gadgets are technological gadgets. This also applies to a smart tag. Smart tags are great little inventions that can help you keep track of bags, car keys and even your kids!

A smart tag is a GPS transmitter. If you attach such a tag somewhere, you can then see exactly where it is on your mobile. When you’re out and about, it’s not a bad idea to put a smart tag in a few different bags. To increase the safety of your children, you can put tags in their pockets. For many models there are also bracelets that go with the tags.