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This website was founded by me, Axel Hernborg, in early 2014. The idea for the website was born after a trip to Milan, which was characterized by a constant search for interesting and well-written articles about what there was to do in the city. Initially, the website had the name vadkanmangöra.se and was aimed only at the Swedish market.

After running vadkanmangöra.se for about a year, the site changed its name to tripwise.se. It was during this change of name that the website, in addition to articles with travel tips, also started publishing discounts and discount codes from several companies in the travel industry, such as travel agencies, airlines and hotels. As this discount segment attracted more and more traffic to the site, discounts and offers from retailers began to be listed on the site.

After tripwise.se had been active for about a year, I took the step of also entering the Norwegian market by starting the site tingagjore.com. In just one month, most of the content on tripwise.se was translated into Norwegian and published on the new Norwegian website. Traffic increased rapidly to tingagjore.com and after the website was active for only a month I continued to translate tripwise.se into several other languages. In 2016 I started sites targeting the market in Denmark (atlave.dk), Finland (matkat365.fi), The Netherlands (reisiger365.nl), Germany (traveler365.de), France (voyage365.fr), United Kingdom (traveller365.co.uk ), Poland (podroznik365.pl) and Italy (traveller365.it).

These 10 country-specific websites were run for about 3 years until May 2019 when I made the decision to merge them all into one big international “.com”-website. The main reason for this consolidation was to make it easier to administer each country and that it would be advantageous for marketing to gather all countries under one brand. This brand became tripplo.com. Today, content that is directed to a specific country is placed in its own subdirectory at tripplo.com. Swedish content at tripplo.se/, Denmark at tripplo.dk/, UK at tripplo.co.uk/ etc. At the time of the merger in 2019, Tripplo.com was targeting a total of 10 countries. At the start of 2021, the Italian and Polish sections were shut down. This was to allow more time and focus to be put on fewer markets. Therefore, today it is the 8 countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France that Tripplo.com is targeting.

Tripplo timeline infographic

If you have any questions about me or tripplo.com, feel free to send an email to axel@tripplo.com or call me at +46 722016786.

Discount Codes and Discounts

The discount codes and discounts published on tripplo.com come directly from the companies listed. The discount codes are normally distributed through the affiliate networks to which the companies are connected. We constantly try to ensure that the discount codes work and are up to date, but there may sometimes be mistakes such as outdated codes. The amount of discount codes that can be found at tripplo.com is constantly changing. It usually depends on the season. In the fall and around Black Friday as well as before Christmas there are always many discount codes, while there may be fewer at the beginning of the year and in the summer.

Travel Tips

The goal of articles and content published on Tripplo.com is to list both small and large attractions and attractions in the most popular tourist cities around the world, but also to share tips and other information that can save money and make traveling easier.

This site is owned and operated by Axel Hernborg’s company Rank High AB.

Company Information:

Rank High AB
Org.nr 559047-8144
Hantverkargatan 53, lgh 1103
112 31 Stockholm
Phone: +46 722-016786
Website: Rankhighab.com

Frequently Asked Questions and Questions about Tripplo.com

What is Tripplo.com?

Tripplo.com is an online platform that provides discounts and deals from various companies, primarily focusing on offers and discounts from businesses within the travel industry.

How does Tripplo.com obtain discount codes and offers?

Tripplo.com collects discount codes and offers directly from the companies themselves, as well as through affiliate networks to which Tripplo.com is connected. Examples of these affiliate networks include TradeDoubler, Awin, TradeTracker, Commission Junction, and Adtraction, among others.

What makes Tripplo.com unique compared to other discount sites?

What sets Tripplo.com apart from many other discount sites is our extra focus on travel discounts. This allows us to negotiate exclusive travel discounts and offers that other discount sites do not have access to.

What does it mean for a discount to be exclusive?

An exclusive discount means that it is only available on Tripplo.com. You will not find the same discount on any other discount site. Instead, we have negotiated this exclusive discount in collaboration with the company and are the sole publisher of it.

Is it free to use discount codes and offers from Tripplo.com?

Yes, it is completely free to use Tripplo.com and all the discount codes and offers published on the website. We will never ask for any form of payment or compensation from our users.

If it’s free to use Tripplo.com, how does Tripplo.com make money?

Tripplo.com earns money by receiving a commission from the various companies whose discount codes and offers we publish. This commission is typically paid out via various affiliate networks that track and monitor the purchases made through Tripplo.com.

Do all discount codes and offers always work?

We constantly strive to ensure our discount codes and deals always work, but occasionally we might input an incorrect expiry date for a discount. It can also happen that the company offering the discount chooses to suddenly remove it before the initially stated expiry date. If this occurs, please contact us so we can update the discount.

What is the difference between a discount code and a deal?

A discount code is a digital combination of numbers and letters applied just before payment, which, once activated, provides a discount. A deal lacks a code and is instead linked to a specific landing page of the company offering the deal.

Does Tripplo.com also offer cashback?

No, Tripplo.com does not offer cashback. If you are looking for cashback on your purchases or travel bookings, we recommend finding a good cashback service.

How do I use a discount code from Tripplo.com?

Using a discount code from Tripplo.com is very simple. In most cases, the discount code is entered in the shopping cart on the website where you plan to make your purchase. Sometimes the discount code is entered at the payment step in the checkout. If you have trouble entering a discount code, visit the subpage on Tripplo.com where you found the discount. Usually, there is a more detailed description of how to enter your discount code.

Can I print out discount codes from Tripplo.com and use them in physical stores?

No, you can usually not use discount codes found on Tripplo.com in physical stores or physical travel agencies. The discount codes from Tripplo.com are digital and can typically only be used for digital purchases.

Does Tripplo.com have its own app?

Currently, Tripplo.com does not have a mobile app, but it is something we are working on and will likely launch in the near future.

Why can’t I find coupon codes from the company or brand I’m looking for?

Tripplo.com only collaborates with carefully selected companies and brands. This means we do not provide discount codes and offers from all online brands and companies. If you cannot find a discount for the company or brand you are looking for, we recommend visiting another online coupon site. Use Google to search for the specific discount you are seeking.

Company information:

Rank High AB
Org.nr 559047-8144
Hantverkargatan 53, lgh 1103
112 31 Stockholm
Phone: +46 722-016786
Website: Rankhighab.com
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