How we find, verify, and rank discounts

At, you can find the latest discount codes from a variety of companies, especially in the travel sector. Every month, we help thousands of discount seekers from several European countries find the absolute best and latest discount codes from everything from travel agencies to online stores. To make our users as satisfied as possible and ensure that all discount codes and discounts work as they should, we use several methods. Below, you can read about some of the different ways we use to obtain verified and working offers and discount codes, as well as how we rank them.

How We Find Discount Codes and Promotions

Our Users and Community:

Our users at constantly help us by providing feedback and information about various discounts. This includes submitting discounts and discount codes with information ranging from expiration dates to what the discount applies to. But also by providing feedback on already published discounts by writing comments or sending messages to us. Our users also help with other matters related to various discount codes. For example, informing us if there are general rules and conditions around different companies’ discount codes that have recently changed.

Our Collaboration with Companies via Various Affiliate Networks: is connected to several different affiliate networks such as TradeDoubler, Awin, Tradetracker, and similar. Through these affiliate networks, companies usually share their latest discount codes and offers. By being connected to the various affiliate networks’ APIs, we can have the companies’ latest and verified discount codes and promotions published here on within a few minutes.

Our Unique Partnerships with Selected Companies:

With selected companies and online stores, we initiate unique collaborations that give us access to exclusive discount codes and promotions. These exclusive discount codes are then published on, and we have full control over them. This means that, through our collaboration, we have 100% knowledge of what the discount applies to, how long it is valid, and other conditions.

Our Own Online Search for the Best Discount Codes:

Despite having several sources to obtain verified and working discount codes and discounts, we are constantly searching for new discount codes and offers ourselves. This can be discount codes and discounts that companies and online stores have chosen not to distribute via affiliate networks or that our users and community have not yet shared with us. We spend hundreds of hours every month finding good and verified discount codes, discounts, and ways to save money.

Our Subscriptions to Company Newsletters:

Another strategy we use to obtain the latest discounts and discount codes is to subscribe to various companies’ newsletters. We receive thousands of newsletters every month, which we regularly search through to see if there are unique discount codes and discounts that companies have chosen to share only with their newsletter subscribers.

How We Verify That Discount Codes and Promotions Work:

When we publish discount codes and discounts, we do everything we can to verify that they work. As previously mentioned about how we find the discount codes, a good start is to ensure that the discounts and discount codes come from reliable sources. Even though we largely have reliable sources for discounts and discount codes, we always ensure they follow our guidelines. Our guidelines that must be met for discounts and discount codes to continue being published are as follows:

  • If it is a discount code and not a promotion or offer, it should be stated in the discount description that there is a discount code.
  • If it is a discount code and not a promotion or offer, there should be a discount code displayed when a user clicks on “SHOW DISCOUNT/DISCOUNT CODE”.
  • If it is a discount code and not a promotion or offer, the discount code, after all coupon conditions are met, should provide a price reduction at checkout that matches what was promised.
  • If it is a promotion or offer and not a discount code, this should be stated in the discount description.
  • If it is a promotion or offer and not a discount code, the user should be linked to the promotion or offer after clicking on “SHOW DISCOUNT/DISCOUNT CODE”.
  • If it is a discount code, promotion, or offer that has an expiration date, this should be clearly stated.
  • If it is a discount code, promotion, or offer that does NOT have an expiration date, it should be clearly stated that the discount is valid until further notice.

How We Rank Discount Codes and Discounts:

We are constantly working to improve our and how we rank our discounts and discount codes. As it stands today, we have chosen to rank discount codes and promotions based on how current they are. When you visit a page with discounts and discount codes from a specific company, the discounts are ranked in the following order:

  1. First and foremost, we rank the discount codes and offers we list by their expiration date. The closer the expiration date, the higher a campaign or discount code will appear.
  2. If there is no expiration date for a campaign or discount code, they are ranked by how new they are. The newer, the higher they will appear.

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