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Booking your holiday travel plans can be tedious and tiring especially when you factor in all of the various websites and services that you can choose from. Our partners at Holiday Extras take the hassle out of planning your holiday trip by providing you access to all of the essential amenities that you need in one place. On their website, you will find deals for all sorts of different travel related booking options at discounted prices.

Holiday Extras gives you the ability to choose the location that you’re flying from, where your parking location will be, the destination airport you’ll be landing at, and the date at which you will return to collect your vehicle. Currently, Holiday Extras is offering a lot of exclusive deals and discounts on their services ranging from travel insurance to car hire bookings.

Some of the most popular Holiday Extras discount offers are: 12% off car hire bookings, 12% off airport transfer bookings, 10% student discount, 50% off pre-booking at Heathrow Airport, 20% off travel insurance, and more. These are just some of the offers available over at Holiday Extras, below we’re going to provide you with a detailed view into all of the services offered by the site.

Book Your Hotel and Airport All-in-one

When traveling to a new city or country, one of the most common problems that people run into is that of having to find a suitable hotel to stay in. Holiday Extras gives you the ability to book an airport hotel which is located near the terminal so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of planning your activities in accordance with your departure time.

Airport hotels are very convenient because they allow you to easily traverse the surrounding area while also always having easy access to the airport you select. To book an airport hotel, you will need to select the destination that you’re flying from, where you plan on staying, how many people will be staying with you, how many nights you’ll be staying, and whether or not you want access to airport parking.

Back Your Travel Plans with Insurance

Things can happen at any moment and when they do, you need to be prepared to handle it in an instant. When you book your travel plans with Holiday Extras, you will be able to get travel insurance for your trip. To book your travel insurance, you will have to select whether or not you want insurance for a single trip or on an annual basis, then you will need to select how many people will be accompanying you on the trip, next you’ll have to choose what your travel destination is, and finally you will need to select how long your trip lasts.

Holiday Extras gives you access to a premium insurance provider so you and your family can rest easy knowing that you’re safe while on vacation.

Hire Your Own Car While Traveling

Getting around your travel destination can be difficult if you don’t have access to reliable transportation. With Holiday Extras, you can book a car hire which will enable you to easily travel around without having to be restricted to booking taxis or chauffeur services everywhere you go.

To book your car hire, all you need to do is choose your pickup location, the pickup date and time, the drop-off date and time, and the last thing you need to do is choose the age of the lead driver. By using this service, you will be able to easily traverse your travel destination in a reliable vehicle that will get you and your companions anywhere you want to go in a reliable manner.

Lounge Out While at The Airport

If you want to avoid the long lines and bustle around the holiday time in the airport, Holiday Extras gives you the ability to book a private airport lounge. By booking an airport lounge for your holiday trip you and your family will gain access to a private grotto and many other amenities that will allow you to relax and prepare for your trip.

To book an airport lounge, you’ll need to select the destination that you’re flying from, your expected departure date, the time of your flight, your lounge arrival time, how many adults will be accompanying you, how many children will be accompanying you, and how many infants will be coming along on your trip.

Direct Transfers from the airport to your destination

When you land in your destination country, you will need to be transferred from the airport to your desired location. Holiday Extras gives you the ability to book an airport transfer so that you and your family can be transferred from your arrival airport to the destination that you’re traveling to by way of a reliable and trust driver.

To book your airport transfer, you will need to select a pickup destination, a drop-off destination, your outbound flight time, and your return flight time. This service can help you save time and money while on your holiday trip in addition to making sure that you and your family get to your location safe and sound.

Why You Should Choose Holiday Extras

Holiday travels involve a lot of different elements and moving parts which must be organized to ensure that your trip goes on without a hitch. Instead of dealing with all of these various decisions on your own, use Holiday Extras to help you make the most out of your next holiday trip whilst removing the traditional amount of hassle that you would expect to deal with.

Holiday Extras provides you with all of the resources and tools that you need to book a successful holiday trip from top to bottom. In addition to all of the services they offer, Holiday Extras give you access to very affordable prices so that you don’t have to break the bank in order to experience the type of trip you desire. Book your next holiday trip with Holiday Extras today!

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