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Established in 1968, Derby Hotels is one of the most prestigious hotel chains in Spain. The hotel was founded by Jordi Clos, who is a hotelier, collector of arts and an Egyptologist. He operates the company with the help of family members.

With a passion for collecting art, Jordi Clos has created a unique hotel with a distinct personality. The hotels are mostly ancient buildings, like mansions or unique artistic constructions. The buildings also house more than 5,000 contemporary and antique art collections. This makes Derby something much more than a hotel facility. In fact, some clients see it as a museum of immense artistic importance.

If you are looking for a unique holiday accommodation facility that is a perfect signature of luxury and sophisticated touch of art, think of Derby Hotel.

Committed to Excellence

At the Derby Hotel, everyone is committed to providing distinct service, quality, and continual improvement to ensure personalized customer service and great satisfaction.

Every staff member that will serve you is committed to the recovery, promotion, and restoration of cultural heritage. Many of their hotels are artistically build and represent a cultural heritage that you won’t find anywhere else. The company serves as an international benchmark for excellence, thanks to its quality service, world-class technology, well-trained workforce, and excellent results.

Experience a new way of travel

Derby Hotels are unique because they are the only hotel chain to cater to their customers' basic travel needs and their aesthetic and artistic requirements. They offer a novel experience that is based on their cultural heritage and their inclination to artistic expression. The hotels are often termed as museums of artistic importance as they house thousands of priceless pieces of art, and the hotel themselves are a testament to the owners' artistic pre-disposition. The hotels offer impeccable customer support and pride themselves in providing the best-in-class service to their guests. Rest assured, you will be well taken care of if you decide to stay in the Derby Hotels.

Travel in Fashion and indulge in Comfort

Derby Hotels offer state-of-the-art lodging and dining experiences. Their world-renowned hotels and restaurants guarantee to make your vacation an unforgettable one. Their avant-garde hotels are meticulously designed and operated, keeping the comforts of the customers in mind. Indulge in luxury and artistic excellence as you walk into any of their 100+ hotels spread over four popular tourist destinations like – Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris. They are the industry trendsetters in the Luxurious hotels business with a unique convolution. They offer only the best to their customers and pride themselves in turning your dream vacation into a reality!

Pamper your palates with delicious cuisines and delectable dishes at nominal rates

Their restaurants are famous for their heavenly cuisines and savory food that will leave you wanting for more! Derby Hotels focus primarily on providing you with delicious, flavourful culinary delights and delivering hygienic nourishment. Feel free to order in and sit back and relax as their brilliant chefs cook up an assortment of tasty, delectable dishes for your palates to enjoy. So don’t delay it anymore. Book your stay in any of the Derby Hotels and experience the wonders and excitement they provide for yourselves!

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