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If boutique hotels are your taste, look no further than Malmaison. With over 15 boutique hotels in the United Kingdom, Malmaison is well-established and part of the Frasers Hospitality Group. Each of the hotels is mainly located in the city centers and each hotel holds between 70 and 200 hotel rooms.

The hotels boast their own brand of bars called MALBAR and you should visit the private dining room - they are spectacular! If you’re around for work, you will find plenty of access to meeting rooms too.


Malmaison hotels are everything you wanted and more, with a slightly more eclectic feel. Enjoy the experience and be sure to check out our Malmaison deals, so that you can experience these beautiful boutiques at a decent rate.

Confidence sets in when a business sells high-quality services and does it with class. Malmaison is an outstanding hospitality service, and it can afford to go easy on your pocket. That’s why the company offers discounted luxury.

Discounted Luxury

Yap! Malmaison is all about luxury, and it sells quality as opposed to quantity. Its leadership handpicks exquisite locations and boutique hotels that offer clients Malmaison discounts.

The only way to save on sleek bars, cultured food, and eccentric settings is via Malmaison Promo codes. Exclusive suites will cost you less if you go with this hospitality company, reducing the expense of posh stays.

Malmaison Discount Banner

Price Match Policies

The confidence again! No one can offer Malmaison packages with all the perks, at a lower cost than Malmaison prices. The company promises to match any cheaper prices that you can find out there, but the offer is for hotel rooms only. It doesn’t apply to food and beverages.

This policy is a great way for the company to keep tabs on the industry pricing and always stay constructively competitive while delivering quality, life-changing experience.

The Malmaison Gift Cards

This company appreciates family values and friendship and understands that loved ones deserve to be treated. Therefore, it empowers customers to consolidate their social positions via discounted hotel stays, food and beverage, and Malmaison spa treatments.

Club Mal Discounts

These discounts are for members only, and membership is favorable for regulars. Enjoy exclusive membership discounts with 20% off on food and beverage and 10% off room charges.

How to use Malmaison voucher codes (Image)

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Malmaison FAQs

Is it possible to use more than one Malmaison Hotel discount code at once?

The answer is no, you can not redeem more than one discount code to save more money. For example, you will not be able to merge a discount code for 5% with another discount code for 15% to get a total of 20% discount. At Malmaison, you are entitled to use only one code when you purchase a hotel room package.

What’s the easiest way to get hold of a Malmaison discount code?

There are two proven ways and you can follow any one of them or follow both to get the best result. The first way is, go to the google website, search for popular Malmaison discount codes websites, visit relevant websites, collect the active Malmaison promo codes, use the code and save money. The second way is, visit the Malmaison website, and sign up for the Malmaison newsletter. By signing up for the newsletter, you will receive various promotional emails of the discount code, Malmaison online deal, Exclusive deals, voucher code, Great deals, Malmaison gift voucher, best Malmaison deal, etc.

Do Malmaison discount codes usually work for the whole line of packages in the store?

Yes, Malmaison discount codes generally work for the entire line of packages. But, this rule does not work for all days, it changes occasionally. Because sometimes Malmaison discount codes are only accessible for some specific group of packages. Another thing is that you can not use the discount codes on the reduced-priced packages. But if Malmaison wants to give you more opportunities to get more discounts, they can allow you to use discount codes on reduced-priced packages.

How much discount can I get with a Malmaison discount code?

When you apply the Malmaison discount code, you can enjoy discounts from 5% up to 30%. You can get 5% to 25% discount from the offers for Malmaison Hotels in Glasgow, London, Brighton, Liverpool, Leeds, and Edinburgh. If you are an NHS employee, Malmaison will offer you Health Service Discounts.

Is it possible to swap my discount code for money?

No, it is not possible to swap your Malmaison discount code for cash. This is another misconception that people think that they will be able to sell the discount code. But, this is not possible. The discount code you collect to get a discount can only be used when you purchase packages from the Malmaison website. Another crucial issue you must bear in mind is that the discount code you collect to get a discount you can not sell to other users or people.

For how long is usually a Malmaison promo code valid?

It is very tough to say the exact numbers because every discount code has different conditions. Sometimes you will see that some discount codes are usable for two days, some are usable for a week or month or more than a month, some are used for specific occasions or shopping events. To get more specific information regarding discount codes, read the terms and conditions of the specific code. If you are unable to find it, better to contact the customer care of Malmaison, they will tell you the exact information.

How much discount can I get on special offers at Malmaison?

At Malmaison, you can get up to a 30% discount on special offers.

Valid Malmaison discount codes and offers for March 29, 2023

Discount details Expires
The Mix Up April 1, 2023
Bed & Bubbles April 1, 2023
Date Night April 1, 2023
The Weekender April 1, 2023
Up to 30% off at Malmaison No expiry date
Discounts and offers for Malmaison Hotels in Glasgow: Up to 25% off No expiry date
Discounts and offers for Malmaison Hotels in London: 5% – 25% off No expiry date
Exclusive Malmaison offers and discount codes No expiry date
Discounts and offers for Malmaison Hotels in Brighton: Up to 25% off No expiry date
Discounts and offers for Malmaison Hotels in Liverpool: 5% – 25% off No expiry date
Discounts and offers for Malmaison Hotels in Leeds: Up to 25% off No expiry date
Discounts and offers for Malmaison Hotels in Edinburgh: Up to 25% off No expiry date

Frequently asked questions about our Malmaison discount codes, deals and offers

How many discount codes and offers from Malmaison are there at the moment?

Today, March 29, 2023, there are 12 Malmaison offers and discount codes listed here on

Are there any voucher codes and discounts from Malmaison that soon will expire?

Yes, right now there are 4 Malmaison discounts with an expiry date. The discount with the least time left before it expires is The Mix Up and this discount ends April 1, 2023.

Which Malmaison discount is the most popular at the moment?

The Malmaison discount that has been used the most is Up to 30% off at Malmaison. This discount has been used 387 times.

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