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If boutique hotels are your taste, look no further than Malmaison. With over 15 boutique hotels in the United Kingdom, Malmaison is well-established and part of the Frasers Hospitality Group. Each of the hotels is mainly located in the city centers and each hotel holds between 70 and 200 hotel rooms.

The hotels boast their own brand of bars called MALBAR and you should visit the private dining rooms - they are spectacular! If you’re around for work, you will find plenty of access to meeting rooms too.

Malmaison hotels are everything you wanted and more, with a slightly more eclectic feel. Enjoy the experience and be sure to check out our Malmaison deals, so that you can experience these beautiful boutiques at a decent rate.

Confidence sets in when a business sells high-quality services and does it with class. Malmaison is an outstanding hospitality service, and it can afford to go easy on your pocket. That’s why the company offers discounted luxury.

Discounted Luxury

Yap! Malmaison is all about luxury, and it sells quality as opposed to quantity. Its leadership handpicks exquisite locations and boutique hotels that offer clients Malmaison discounts.

The only way to save on sleek bars, cultured food, and eccentric settings is via Malmaison Promo codes. Exclusive suites will cost you less if you go with this hospitality company, reducing the expense of posh stays.

Price Match Policies

The confidence again! No one can offer Malmaison packages with all the perks, at a lower cost than Malmaison prices. The company promises to match any cheaper prices that you can find out there, but the offer is for hotel rooms only. It doesn’t apply to food and beverages.

This policy is a great way for the company to keep tabs on the industry pricing and always stay constructively competitive while delivering quality, life-changing experience.

The Malmaison Gift Cards

This company appreciates family values and friendship and understands that loved ones deserve to be treated. Therefore, it empowers customers to consolidate their social positions via discounted hotel stays, food and beverage, and spa treatments.

Club Mal Discounts

These discounts are for members only, and membership is favorable for regulars. Enjoy exclusive membership discounts with 20% off on food and beverage and 10% off room charges.

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