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5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% off at Summer France


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About Summer France

Summer France, formerly operating under the brand name Madame Vacancies, is a top-rated online booking portal specializing in the management of hotel –restaurants and holiday rentals. Although the company was renamed to Summer France only a few years ago, their high-quality service and desire to satisfy their customer needs did not change.

They still offer a wide range of fascinating holiday rentals and hotel deals across many regions in France. In fact, the company believes that they know everything about holidaying in France and whatever they don't know is probably not worth knowing. That is the level of experience you enjoy when you choose to book your holiday accommodation with Summer France.

Experience Excellent Customer Service

At the heart of this company’s operation lies a deep desire to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. In fact, every customer is treated with respect and dignity they deserve no matter where they come from. This is what defines Summer France.

Travel and Stay with your Pet

Pets are welcome in all of their facilities, and you will only be required to pay a small supplement fee to cater to your little friend's needs. Therefore, if you are addicted to your pet and always feel sad whenever you have to leave it behind when going for your holiday, book your next holiday accommodation facility with Summer France and bring your pet along with you!


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