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Luxury Family Reunions – From £150 per night

At last! After being apart from those we love for such a long time, we can now... Read More
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Frequently asked questions about our Kingsmills Hotel discount codes, deals and offers

How many discount codes and offers from Kingsmills Hotel are there at the moment?

Today, April 15, 2024, there are 5 Kingsmills Hotel offers and discount codes listed here on

Are there any voucher codes and discounts from Kingsmills Hotel that soon will expire?

Yes, right now there are 1 Kingsmills Hotel discounts with an expiry date. The discount with the least time left before it expires is Luxury Family Reunions – From £150 per night and this discount ends December 1, 2026.

Which Kingsmills Hotel discount is the most popular at the moment?

The Kingsmills Hotel discount that has been used the most is Exclusive Kingsmills Hotel offers and discount codes. This discount has been used 6 times.

About Kingsmills Hotel and Kingsmills Hotel discount codes

Kingsmills Hotel logos and discounts

Take advantage of the real Scottish hospitality at the famous Kingsmills Hotel, a four-star unit with a wide variety of amenities and benefits located in the proximity of Inverness city centre.

Guests have numerous options to choose from. Starting with family rooms and luxury spa breaks and ending with luxury family breaks, leisure facilities or perhaps a romantic getaway in the Highlands of Scotland, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy hospitality in a building that has hosted famous people and not only since the 1700s. There are numerous Kingsmills Hotel deals to choose from, too. Our discount codes, promo codes and gift vouchers will make this experience even more affordable.

Options And Services At The Kingsmills Hotel

There are more products and services clients can opt for over the official Kingsmills Hotel’s website. When choosing a Kingsmills Hotel promo code, make sure it applies to what you’re after.

Here are the available services:

  • Four-star accommodation: You can book extremely luxurious rooms, whether you’re after standard rooms or perhaps an exclusive garden room or suite.
  • Dining and restaurant: The hotel has a few restaurants and bars, offering an impressive menu of gastronomic masterpieces prepared by the finest chefs in Scotland.
  • Business conference rooms: Not everyone’s interested in a romantic getaway or time at the swimming pool. Those travelling for business purposes will be pleased to find all their needs catered for.
  • Leisure activities: There are all kinds of hotel discount promo codes or discount offers for those who are after gym or golf facilities, not to mention the Kingsmills Hotel’s location close to numerous local attractions.
  • Beauty and spa: There are all kinds of seasonal promotions for spa and beauty treatments. A jacuzzi and a sauna are also included, offering a perfect getaway in Scotland.
  • Outdoor recreation: The hotel boasts stunning gardens and outdoor grounds, offering plenty of space for a relaxing luxury holiday or even an outdoor event.
  • Wedding and other events: The hotel is excellent for weddings and other celebrations. Furthermore, there’s a wedding planning service for those interested.

Benefits Of Staying At The Kingsmills Hotel

Service Quality

No matter how many guests you have over, whether you’re after breakfast or dinner deals or you actually want to host an event, the service quality won’t disappoint. The staff’s responsiveness is outstanding, causing the hotel to score high on any site for reviews or bookings.

You could be there for a night, a family holiday or your next stay for business purposes. The service won’t let you down.


Located close to the city centre of Inverness, the Kingsmills Hotel is in an excellent location, offering a bit of everything. Your next stay will be a luxury approach with all the facilities you can think of, regardless of the number of guests.

You’ll be within walking distance from all the attractions and amenities of Inverness, but you won’t be right in the heart of town, meaning you’ll still be able to rest in a tranquil location.


There are all kinds of booking deals, some of them for clients interested in rooms, some others for those who want to experience the beautiful Scottish Highlands for a day out. You can take a walk in the area, visit the hotel for a spa day or perhaps enjoy dinner with your family.

Kingsmills Hotel kingsclub room

You might as well get there for a romantic break for a couple of nights or perhaps take a whole week. From bunk beds for kids to gardens, breakfast offers, jacuzzi and suites, there’s something for everyone, meaning all your needs will be catered for.

Furthermore, free Wi-Fi is included in the price, not to mention the free parking.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is subject to change. It’s essential to make sure you actually go through it before you make a booking, whether or not you use discount offers, codes or other offers. Some products and services may be non-refundable.

Other than that, you’re normally allowed to cancel for free if you do it within a specific time frame rather than at the last moment.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the things the Kingsmills Hotel is renowned for. It’s a luxury four-star hotel, so expect to be treated with the highest standards in mind. Customer support is available round the clock once you check-in.

There are different ways to contact the hotel, so make sure you inquire about any concerns you may have.

Rankings And Awards

There are more reasons why the Kingsmills Hotel is one of the most reputable facilities in Inverness, and its rankings and awards are among the top ones.

The Kingsmills Hotel scores high on any review website you can find. It’s also one of the most important recommendations on booking websites and apps.


Availability is often limited if you’re after a last-minute deal, yet you can usually find luxury rooms without too much hassle. We recommend booking early or as soon as you find some good gift vouchers or promo code offers.

Tips And Tricks For The Best Kingsmills Hotel Discount Codes

  • Keep an eye out on our website before booking. Discount code, promo code and special offers change on a regular basis.
  • Go to the official Kingsmills Hotel website and subscribe to the newsletter. It’s not all about news but also about promotions and exclusive deals.
  • The official website also has links at the bottom leading to rewards and special offers, which are always worth checking before booking.

Kingsmills Hotel FAQs

When Do Kingsmills Hotel Discount Codes Expire?

Each discount code comes with its own expiry date. The good news is special offers, and Kingsmills Hotel discounts tend to stay active for months before expiring. However, it’s highly recommended to book early. So try to find the perfect discount code for your needs and book immediately.

How Many Kingsmills Hotel Voucher Codes Can I Use?

Usually, the Kingsmills Hotel’s website for bookings will take one to three codes. Beware, each promotion is individual and has unique rules, terms and conditions. While some promotions may allow the use of more than one code, others will be limited.

The hotel discount offers on our website cover all kinds of promotions.

Are Kingsmills Hotel Promo Codes The Same As Gift Vouchers?

No. While you’ll see both advertised on the official website, they differ.

Promo codes, discount codes, vouchers and other Kingsmills Hotel deals are available to save money on your bookings, whether you’re after a romantic getaway, family rooms, luxury rooms or just occasional luxury spa breaks.

Gift vouchers can be purchased over the official website and given to loved ones for special occasions. They can use these vouchers later on when they make a booking.

Do I Need To Spend A Night At The Kingsmills Hotel To Use The Facilities?

It depends. Those who sleep at the Kingsmills Hotel can normally use all the facilities, some of them for an extra charge or with a prior booking.

However, the hotel also sells individual packages for its leisure facilities, whether you want to spend a day at the spa, treat your family at a luxurious restaurant, or attend a local event.

Valid Kingsmills Hotel discount codes and offers for April 15, 2024

Discount details Expires
Luxury Family Reunions – From £150 per night December 1, 2026
Exclusive Kingsmills Hotel offers and discount codes No expiry date
Grab 10% off when you book directly at Kingsmills Hotel No expiry date
Grab rooms from £67.50 for per person per night at Kingsmills Hotel No expiry date
Grab rooms from £185 for family at Kingsmills Hotel No expiry date
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