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When the hotel will be booked for the trip is a very good choice. This multinational company was founded by David Litman and Robert Dienerin 1991 and over the years has helped millions of people worldwide to find hotels. In 2005 was acquired by Expedia, has strengthened the brand further and led to a huge expansion in new parts of the world.

In total there are over 80 sites in 35 different languages. will usually be quite generous with discounts, promotions and various offers. Not least when it comes to bargains, there is almost always something to find that draws a little percentage of the total.

Quick facts about

  • Over 365 000 different hotels and accommodations
  • Hotels in over 60 different countries
  • Support around the clock, seven days a week
  • Founded in 1991 by David Litman and Robert Diener
  • Price Guarantee (find a lower price and will match this)
  • Part of Expedia
  • Payment online o at the hotel (Not valid for all hotels)

How you use a discount code at

  1. Choose a hotel that you want to spend your stay on.
  2. Make sure you enter the correct date in order to be absolutely sure that the property is
  3. Available number of people staying at the hotel.
  4. Double check that place and any options is correct.
  5. When you click on "Book" to get to the payment stage where you can enter your discount code.
  6. Check one last time that everything is correct, and then enter the discount code in the "Use discount code" and press "Activate". (Coupon box is usually located under the box indicating 'Total Price'.)
  7. Sit back and enjoy as "total price" is reduced.

Rules for coupons at

  • It is only possible to use one voucher code per booking.
  • Vouchers may be transferred, but not sold.
  • Vouchers can not be replaced for cash.
  • If the date of a hotel stay have changed after booking with discount code, one can not discount applied to the new stay dates.
  • If a booking is made at a discount is canceled will not discount code is returned or replaced.
  • Discount code can in principle never to combine with rewards.
  • Vouchers may not be used by employees of or Expedia Inc.


In order to ensure that all customers receive the very lowest hotel rates has introduced a price guarantee. This Guarantee means will refund the difference if you as a customer can find the same hotel night at a lower price elsewhere. This hotel night must of course be consistent with the hotel, date, length of stay and room type. Customers can thus always feel 100% confident that they will get the lowest price when you book at In order to take advantage of the price guarantee and get the difference refunded requires that no later than 23:59 (local time) the day before the hotel stay are submitting a claim.

Guest reviews

Over the years, millions of people have chosen to book a hotel through This has meant that there is a large collection of reviews from previous guests. Total has over 11 million unique reviews written by customers who have stayed at various hotels. According to a survey conducted by Millward Brown in 2010 showed that the reviews were the most decisive factor for customers choosing a hotel. Customers thought then that the ability to learn about previous customer’s experiences outweighed pictures, star rating, hotel descriptions and customer reviews. Guest reviews are really a great tool to use to find such a good and suitable hotel as possible and with a major player like, where there are over 11 million guest reviews you should really make sure to use them to the fullest.

Welcome Rewards

Hotels. com offers a loyalty program for repeat customers who often book hotels. This loyalty program called for "Welcome Rewards' and means that the customer gets its 11th hotel night free. There is no need to have booked 10 nights earlier before getting their bonus night. To qualify, simply register and start collecting hotel nights. What is important to know is that the price of the night bonus is calculated by taking the average price from the previous bookings. Have you stayed at budget hotels, one can not expect to live free in a 5-star luxury? In addition to the bonus, there is another big advantage to be on Rewards. This advantage is that you get the opportunity to see "Secret prices" at hotels worldwide. These secret prices are often heavily discounted and not displayed to standard visitors on or on other sites that compile and compare prices. What is important to know is that in principle it is never possible to combine a coupon code with the Welcome Rewards.

48-hour sale at

few times a year usually set with a proper sale. This sale usually lasts 48 hours and hotel rates can be up to 50 percent reduced. When a 48-hour sale occurs, therefore, there is a lot of money to save if you are quick to book. Important to remember, however, is that the travel dates are often limited to a few days. Have you thought about doing a spontaneous trip or are flexible with travel dates so Hotels.coms 48-hour sale therefore something that you will likely monitor and keep an eye out for.

14 (secret) tricks for better and cheaper hotel stays—Get discounts on hotels!

Booking early

There's no reason for you to wait around to book your stay if you've already decided which hotel you'd like to stay in. The price will go up as time passes, and it’s not just that the price will rise—you're also risking the hotel being fully booked. There are of course times where you might manage to get a great price if you stay cool, but that's almost always a last-minute booking where the hotel just wants to get rid of the last few rooms.

Use discounts that you have lying around

You might easily forget that you already have access to some discounts lying around. You might have got these discounts through your work, an organisation of which you're a member, or it might be a student discount. It's important to think through whether there are any discounts that you can use before you book your hotel. If one of your family is a student, they can book the hotel in their name and minimise the cost that way. 3

Watch out for fake reviews

You should always take the reviews with a pinch of salt when reading hotel reviews. Websites that invite previous hotel guests to write reviews about their stay might all be fake. The fake reviews could be both positive and negative. They could be written by a hotel owner wishing to convey a more positive image of their hotel, but they could also be written by competitors wishing to make the hotel look bad. Therefore, it's best to visit numerous different websites with reviews from previous guests in order to get the most realistic overall impression.

Check to see if the price drops

After you've booked your hotel room, you should always follow the price trend to see if the price drops. You should always contact the hotel and ask for the new, lower price if the price does drop. The hotel will almost always offer you the lower price to avoid risking you switching to a competitor hotel. It might not be worth the effort if you're just staying for one single night as it's just a matter of a couple of euros. But there might be hundreds of euros to save if you're staying for a week or two with the entire family!SIDA 4

Don’t get billed for the room

It may be hard to believe but some hotels will sometimes try to add extra charges to the room bill for items or services that you've never purchased or used. It's therefore advisable to try to pay up front for food and other things that are not included in the fixed hotel price. Keeping track of extra spending and not having a small stroke when it's time to check out is always nice!

Check to see what’s costing more

A big mistake that many people make is completely forgetting to see what the hotel charges extra for. If, for example, it says that the hotel has Wireless Internet access, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's free to use. Smaller hotels especially will charge extra for internet and it can cost as much as 100 euros for each computer unit a day. So if the whole family wants to connect to the internet for an entire week, the cost could be substantial. Two other examples of extra charges are parking and fitness centres, which the hotel will happily boast about having—but they may very well be charging extra for it. Before booking the hotel, you should always double-check what is actually included in the booking price. If it seems unclear, you can always call or email the hotel to be absolutely sure.SIDA 5

Special deals aren’t always the cheapest

Just because there's a big deal in the circular or on a big side ad on a website with a "great deal" for a hotel, doesn't mean that it's the best price. If you see a deal on the internet or in a newspaper, or anywhere else for that matter, you should always double-check that it truly is the lowest price available for the advertised hotel. Sometimes the prices are higher on these "deals" than what you can actually get hold of yourself.

Ask if you can be upgraded

Approaching the hotel front desk and asking to be upgraded to a better room is one of those things that most people are reluctant to do—but it can actually be worth it. Of course, it depends entirely on whether the hotel is fully booked or not, but you can usually be upgraded for free if you just ask. Most hotels want to be as accommodating as possible towards their guests and are more than happy to give you the key to a better room that would have been empty otherwise. If you are lucky, you might just manage to get a room with a better view, a king-sized bed or a jacuzzi at no extra cost. SIDA 6

Call and ask at night for a last minute trip hotel

If you've decided to book accommodation for a last minute trip, you definitely shouldn't do it early in the day. It's much better to wait until the evening if you want the very best price. The reason that the prices are often lower in the evening is because the hotels will then release bookings that nobody has shown interest for, and is not linked to a credit card. It happens sometimes that people book accommodation for several days but then decide not to stay there at the last moment. The hotels will in these cases quickly make the rooms bookable again, which almost always takes place in the evening. Most hotels release their empty rooms for booking almost exactly at 6PM, but this of course can vary.

Use the price guarantee of various hotel booking websites

Most large hotel booking websites offer their customers a price guarantee. This usually means that they guarantee that you'll get the difference back if you find your booked accommodation cheaper elsewhere. It is not unusual for your booked accommodation to appear at a lower price on discount websites, on some special deal, or on the hotel’s website directly. If you'd like the difference back and perhaps also a small bonus, don't forget to see if there is a guarantee. Some price guarantees give you back the difference within 24 hours and sometimes some form of additional gift card that you can use later. SIDA 7

Ask for rooms that are "out of service"

It might have happened to you that you've found a hotel where you would really like to stay, but they've been fully booked, much to your dismay. There is actually an option for you to still get a room—even though it's fully booked—with a simple trick. Most hotels have rooms that are "out of service". When a room is "out of service", it does not necessarily mean that it is uninhabitable. The rooms could, of course, be seriously damaged, but it can also involve anything from a broken bedside table to the shower drains needing to be repaired. If you're prepared to stay in a room with some minor damage, you should definitely ask for this type of room if everything else is fully booked. This trick is perfect to use when you arrive at a fully booked hotel but you need a room urgently.

Check the price online before you extend your stay in the reception

When you're staying at a hotel and you realise that you need to stay one or several nights longer than you'd originally planned to, you should wait before rushing down to the hotel reception to ask to extend your stay. Before you ask the front desk to extend your stay, you should always check how much the stay is online first. Check all hotel booking sites, but also the hotel's own website. Hotel staff often understand that you are in a more or less urgent situation and may just give you a higher price than what’s actually available on the internet. However, it's important to first ask what it would cost in the reception before you present your "evidence". Sometimes it might just be that extending your hotel stay at the hotel directly is cheaper than it is to book it online.

Don’t replace the cell phone charger that you forgot at home when you don’t need to

With cell phones, tablets and laptops in your luggage, it's no wonder that you sometimes fail to bring along one of your many electronic device accessories. Forgetting to bring your charger is one of the classics! However, you should remember that hotels are full of chargers and gadget accessories of all kinds. Apart from socks and other trinkets, a lot of hotel guests do often forget their chargers in the rooms. It is therefore always good to ask at the reception if they have a charger to your computer, mobile phone or tablet before going out to buy a new one and spending unnecessary money.

Search for the “hidden hotels”

When it's time to book a hotel for the next trip, you might just end up booking your hotel through one of the many booking sites—just like a lot of other people. It might be a bit daunting when you see eighteen out of twenty hotels are fully booked. You might think to yourself that you'd better hurry up and book the remaining hotel, thinking that it's the only hotel at your destination. You might even change the dates for your trip because what's available on your dates is just too expensive. What many people don’t know is that many hotels choose not to be listed on the major hotel sites in order to avoid having to share their profits. Especially in larger cities, there are plenty of hotels that can't be found on Expedia, and

Now you might ask yourself how you can find hotels unless they're listed with major booking giants. There are actually two fairly simple ways to locate hotels with the help of the internet. The first is to look at big map services like Google Maps, Apple Maps and Yahoo! Maps. These digital maps can give you a good overview of the destination and it's very likely that you’ll find hotels that you haven't seen before. The other way is to use various travel forums with travel tips, such as TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is an excellent site for finding hotels while you're also able to go through the guest reviews. As mentioned earlier, these reviews should be taken with pinch of salt and you should visit several websites to get a decent overall impression. Whether you find a hotel through a map service or a website like TripAdvisor, all you need to do is to Google it to find phone numbers and places where you can book the hotel.