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Operating in the United Kingdom, the team at Swell Reptiles is devoted to providing all reptile lovers with the very best equipment and assistance they require in order to ensure their reptilian friends are provided the best possible environment money and experience can acquire.


Swell Reptiles recognize that the first requirement of any reptile and amphibian keeper is a place to keep them, as they simply can’t be kept like regular pets. They need a contained, familiar environment. To that end, Swell Reptiles offers a variety of high-quality of the best Vivariums and Glass Terrariums to ensure your little friend can thrive.

Now, in order to simulate a familiar environment in the aforementioned container, Swell Reptiles provides lighting and decorations, as well as a thermostat, all that can be used to mimic your reptile/amphibian’s natural habitat.

Your reptile deserves not only the right amount of food but also the right kind of food to sustain its growth and daily exertion. Swell Reptiles has an array of options to choose from. Locusts, cockroaches, frozen mice and rats, springtails, and crickets are all available for purchase.

Furthermore, there are starter packs designed for specific reptiles, to assist the beginner that wants to keep a reptile but doesn’t know how to.


The website blog continuously provides insight into tips and instructions on how to prepare for certain reptiles, as well as what they need to be fed and how they need to be kept, to assist their customers.

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